Apple to Ice Mr. Blurrycam, Make it Look Like an Accident

At one point in history, photography was an art. Now, it seems that anyone with a smartphone can take beautiful pictures with minimal effort. But, of the biggest annoyances that plagues smartphones is the dreaded blurrycam shot that always seems to crop up at the most inopportune moments.

A recent patent filing by Apple aims to rid the world of these awful shots, and make every picture flawless. In addition to the HDR setting that produces stunning photos, an “anti-blur” feature may soon be making its way into iOS. When a picture is taken, the simple act of tapping the “take photo” button can inadvertently shake the camera, causing the picture to be blurry. Apple’s patent depicts a system that would buffer a series of pictures (anywhere from 10-20) before and after the user takes a photo. Software would then analyze the photos, along with data collected via motion sensing hardware, to determine at which point the camera was steadiest, and use the resulting picture as the ideal shot. Multiple pictures could also be previewed for user selection.

As an aside, it’s worth noting that Astronomers use a similar technique to correct photos taken of space, using data gathered from sensitive equipment to negate the effects of telescopic vibrations.

All too frequently, that one-in-a hundred shot is ruined by blur, so any change that reduces the chances of this happening is welcome.

Additional camera-related patents include the following:

  • Patent Application Number: 20100309344 – Entitled “Chroma Noise Reductions for Cameras
  • Patent Application Number: 20100309346 – Entitled “Automatic Tone Mapping for Cameras.”
  • Patent Application Number: 20100309335 – Entitled “Images Capturing Device having Continuous Image Capture.”
  • Patent Application Number: 20100309321 – Entitled “Image Capturing Devices using Orientation Detectors to Implement Automatic Exposure Mechanisms.”
  • Video Related Patent: 20100309985 – Entitled “Video Processing for Masking Coding Artifacts using Dynamic Noise Maps.”
  • Video Related Patent: 20100309975 – Entitled – “Image Acquisition and Transcoding System.”
  • Video Related Patent: 20100309987 – Entitled “Image Acquisition and Encoding System.”

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