Permute: A Hassle-Free Media Converter

HandBrake has been the go-to media converter for videophiles since its release, but development of this once-great program is slowing to a crawl, and many users are looking for an alternative. Having a plethora of settings and advanced configurations can be infinitely useful (if you know what you’re doing), but most users simply want to make File A work with Device B.

Permute is the perfect A/V conversion tool for those of us that are not A/V experts. With its drag and drop ease of use and simple, custom settings behind the curtain, it’s the answer to all the “other” confusing and complicated alternatives.

Permute accomplishes just that, without asking any questions. (Well, just one…) Drag the files you want converted into the application window, and select the output format from the drop down list. Presets are available for the iPod Touch, iPhone 4, iPad, Apple TV and more, and once finished converting, files can be automatically added to iTunes. Multiple items can be queued at once, and the program takes full advantage of 64 bit processors and multiple cores for speedy conversions.

Permute is $14.95, and a free demo with 10 conversions is available for lite users.


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