Apps of the Week 9: Top 5

The following post was written by Appman the Magnificent.

I’m back! Sorry for no AOTW for a while there, but I finally have a new device and AOTW will start to become a regular article again. In this week’s article, I will be showing you the five apps I’ve been using quite a bit this week. Some you may have heard of, others maybe not. So anyways, here we go!

[Apps of the Week 9]

The next Apps of the Week article will feature the top apps of the year (a spinoff to Apple’s AppStore rewind) and I need YOU. Simply nominate ONE app (say so in the comments of this week’s article) from any AOTW article (you can view them in my sig), and if you want, nominate an app that may not be in a previous article, but that you think deserves a spot in the “MultiTouchFans Apps of the Year”, but make sure one app you choose is from a previous AOTW or you entry will NOT count. In order for an application to have a chance to be entered, its nomination must be nominated by at least two other users as well. Thanks!

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