‘Friendly for Facebook’ Now Free

Just because Facebook itself doesn’t feel the need to make a Facebook app doesn’t mean that a third party doesn’t. Stepping up to the plate is Friendly for Facebook, developed by oecoway inc.

iPad Screenshot 1

The app is now free for any iPad users, and boasts a UI developed specifically for the iPad.

Here’s the features list:

  • Swipe through Facebook photos full screen
  • Chat with your online friends
  • Upload/Download Photos
  • Easy switch between multiple Facebook accounts
  • Secure your Facebook Account with a PIN Code access
  • Customize colors and fonts to your liking

I’ve been using the app on my iPad since it launched, and I can’t recommend it highly enough to anyone who uses Facebook on a daily basis.┬áIf you are a user of Facebook that finds the online site lacking, you should definitely give this a try. And for the great price of nothing, what do you have to lose?

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