iTunes Connect to be Shut Down for the Holidays

iTunes Connect will be closing for the Holidays this year as well, which means no new apps or app updates between December 23 through December 28. Hey, even scrupulous app review board needs a break for the Holidays!

While iTunes Connect (the developer portal for the App Store) will be closing, the App Store itself won’t. The only party this temporary lull on the part of Apple will affect are developer’s trying to submit new apps, or submit updates to pre-existing applications.

In other words, the App Store will remain open from December 23 to December 28, just like it has since July of 2008. You can still purchase apps and games, just like normal.

The second bullet states that price changes that are scheduled to happen will actually cause the app to become ‘unavailable for purchase until Wednesday, December 29.’ After that, the app will become available for purchase with the new price.

So, for those developers out there who are planning a little something and are hoping to get it out the doors in time for the Holidays, you might want to hurry!

Thanks to PlyrR1Play for sending in the tip!

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