Time’s Top 10 Gadgets of 2010

Time Magazine has published their “Top 10 Everything of 2010″ list, which covers 50 different categories, from “Albums” to “Viral Videos”. Unsurprisingly, Apple products have dominated the gadgets section, snagging four of the ten spots.

Critics complain that Apple products are overrated, but there is no denying their success. The iPad has sold millions of units, and no other tablet has even come close to rivaling it. The iPhone 4, on the other hand, was topped by two Android phones, the Nexus One and Samsung Galaxy S. As noted by Time, 2010 certainly was “the year of the Android“. Google activates over 300,000 units per day, more than that of the iPhone and iPad combined. This may be due to the wide variety of hardware (and networks) Android is available on, but that’s hardly an excuse—it’s a business model. If Apple ever wants to be the leading smartphone vendor again, then they’re going to have to end their exclusivity with AT&T. (Plus, it’s bad for business.)

Top 10 Gadgets


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