Test Your Trading Skills in Star Shipping Inc. HD

Carbomite Games has released a high-definition version of their strategy/puzzle game, Star Shipping Inc. for the iPad and iPhone.  In the game, the player becomes a captain of a cargo ship, travelling to star systems to buy and sell goods for a profit.  Encountered along the way are such dangers as monsters, asteroid belts and pirates.  The ship refuels at the centrally located Star Shipping.  After 3 refuels, the game ends and a rank is determined resulting in star chips.  The chips may be used to rent a new, better ship or for improvements to the current ship.

From the description, one might think this to be a typical shooting game.  The game has some terrific graphics, but aside from the ship speeding on the star chart from planet to planet, there is no movement.  The action is all textual making it a relaxing type of space solitaire.  Surprise attacks from the monsters and pirates offer choices to fight, flee or pay ransom and a result is randomly generated.  You can watch a trailer here.

The space chips can be quickly earned through game play or purchased (100 for 99 cents).  This is a bit pricey considering the HD versions of the game already cost $2.99.  Standard versions for the iPad and iPhone and iPod Touch cost 99 cents.  It is compatible with iOS 3.0 or later.  If you follow them on Twitter or join their Facebook page, you may be able to score a promo code.  (Fulll disclosure: I was given a promo code.)


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