Chrome OS Tablets to Receive 2 Years Free 3G

Users debating between purchasing an iPad and a Chrome OS netbook might have a tough choice ahead of them: Verizon is offering 100/MB of free data every month for 2 years with the purchase of a new Chrome OS netbook. Admittedly, 100MB is not very much (unless you’re just casually surfing the web), but hey, it’s free. By comparison, the cheapest 3G plan for the iPad is $14.99 a month, or just south of $360 for 2 years. That over half the price of the iPad itself.

Users who doubt the usefulness of Chrome OS might want to check out the Chrome Web Store. Despite its infancy, it has quite a few impressive applications. The platform is designed for keyboard and mouse use, so it’s arguably in a whole different arena than the iPad, but users enticed by the free 3G might find it hard to pass up.

Other available plans include:

$9.99 per day for unlimited data use
1 GB for $20 per month
3 GB for $35 per month
5 GB for $40 per month


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