Review + Giveaway: Speck PixelSkin

With this third installment of what could be considered a trilogy (part 1, part 2), we take a look at Speck’s PixelSkin. A unique looking case for sure, but does it offer any more protection than a standard silicon case? Read on!

Oh, and one more thing: we’ve got another giveaway at the end!

Look and Feel

The PixelSkin is covered in little squares, giving the case a definitive grip. The case does add a relatively small amount of depth to the device, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing: it does wonders as far as making the iPod easier to hold on to. The PixelSkin doesn’t feel radically different than what you would expect a silicon case to feel like, despite the back being covered in squares.

My biggest (and, let’s be honest, only) gripe with this case is that it makes typing in portrait mode (my orientation of choice) significantly more difficult. Basically, the raised edge gets in the way when trying to hit the ‘P,’ and ‘Q’ keys, as well as the backspace key. If you don’t type in portrait mode very often, then you will likely never notice it, as there isn’t any problems typing in landscape at all. But for those portrait-typers out there, beware: there’s probably going to be a learning curve in your future.


A case has only one actual job: to protect the investment within. Overall, the PixelSkin doesn’t disappoint, though I do start to question if it is worth the extra dough (based on its protective properties alone), compared to a standard silicon case.

I’m guessing that Speck designers and engineers really had protection from drops in mind when they made the PixelSkin: the back has a much thicker covering of silicon than you usually find. In that regard, this case is great. I’ve dropped my iPod on brick, wood, and even concrete. It holds up great, as it should. Basically, this case’s largest selling point (in the protection department) is that it takes impacts like a 300-pound linebacker.

Alas, the case doesn’t come with any type of screen protection, so you may want to purchase one separately. I really would have liked to see something bundled in here, as the PixelSkin leaves the front of the device almost completely uncovered.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the PixelSkin is a great case. For $24.95, I’m not sure if you can find a silicon case that offers as much protection. The PixelSkin is no slacker in the fashion department, either.

Since this is the final installment of the Speck  review triathlon, I thought that I’d sum up my overall feelings about the three cases that were sent in for review. You can read the previous two reviews here and here.

By far, my favorite case has to be the CandyShell. It feels great in the hand, offers great protection, and it looks very unique. I love it. Moving on, my only problem with the Fitted is that the build quality seems a little bit below the standard that the CandyShell set. Besides that, it’s a striking case with an interesting back that makes it stand out. My only complaint about the PixelSkin is what I said above: portrait typing is just more difficult than it should be. Overall, I think that Speck has some very interesting products in its portfolio for those willing to shell out a little extra, but are expecting a little more.

Giveaway (!)

That’s right, we’re doing it again: another giveaway of three Speck CandyShell cases for any current iDevice (iPod touch G4iPad, or iPhone 4). All you have to do is enter, stating why you want one, and you will be automatically be entered in. The winners will be decided via a random drawing, and will have three days to claim their prize (seriously people, check back!). All entries must follow the rules below, or the entry will be disqualified!


  • You must be registered to enter
  • One entry per person
  • Only US and Canada for this one; sorry guys!
  • Follow the site rules

The contest will end in three days, and the winners will be contacted via PM.

I’d like to thank Speck for agreeing to do these giveaways, and being generous enough to send in the review units!

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