App Enroller Helps Devs Target and Manage Beta Testers

Developers hoping to improve their beta collection process have a new tool in App Enroller.  Created by Apps In Your Pants, this UDID tool provides more than just accurate device information.  Developers can also create an in-app survey to collect demographic information for targeting specific market niches.  To prevent tampering with the UDID, and to facilitate the process for the testers, easy to remember invite codes can be generated, rather than potentially complicated email addresses.

To get started, the developer registers an invite code with the App Enroller servers.  The code can be personal and easy to remember, like the dev’s name, or the app’s name, etc.  The dev can also create a survey.XML file with select fields for data collection including such items as email, birthday, and age.  The potential tester installs the free app on their iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad running iOS 3.13 or later.   Upon launching the app, the tester enters the code and completes the survey.  The data is sent directly to the enrollment server.  If the dev prefers, the survey data can be sent via email within the app.

If you are interested in becoming a beta tester, check out the ad hoc beta testing thread at the iPhone Dev SDK forum.

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