Kinect Tops iPad as Fastest Selling Gadget

Two months ago, the iPad was dubbed the fastest selling consumer electronic device, beating the previous champ, the DVD player, by a landslide. Now, just 25 days after release, Microsoft’s Kinect has stolen the title by selling 2.5 million units—twice as many as the iPad in the same time frame.

It must be noted that Kinect is only $199, $300 cheaper than the base-model iPad, so in terms of gross revenue, Apple’s tablet is far ahead. (Not to mention the factor price plays in sales). Although the iPad has been steadily selling like hotcakes since its release, and while Kinect shows no signs of slowing down, whether both can maintain their impressive sales figures is unknown.

It’s certainly impressive that these gadgets sell more each week than the DVD player managed to sell in an entire year, and considering how more and more people depend on electronic gizmos everyday, the next record-breaker can’t be far off.

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