Radio Shack Discounts iPhone 4 for the First Time Since Launch

Aching for an iPhone 4, but want the lowest possible price? Radio Shack looks to have you covered. Wanting to get some attention for their fairly low-key wireless business, they will be offering the iPhone 4 legitimately discounted for the first time since its launch in June.

Going this route will save you $50 for an on-contract iPhone 4 16 or 32GB model. Still looking to save even more? The iPhone 3GS will be available for $49 for all you penny pinchers our there.

Spicing things up even more is a trade-in program for any completely functional/non-cracked iPhone 3G for $75, and $125 for an iPhone 3GS in the same condition. Using this iPhone trade-in could potentially get you a 16GB iPhone 4 for $25 (not counting activation fees), if you happen to have an iPhone 3GS in great condition.

The deal will end on December 11th, and will only be available in brick-and-mortar locations. For those looking to pick up an iPhone 4 for the Holidays, this just might be what you need.


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