Give to the Salvation Army and Get Back a Great Little Christmas Music App

I often get a twinge of dread when I approach the entrance of a store during the holiday season and see a Salvation Army bell ringer waiting to greet me.  They are wonderful people doing a really tough job.  It is often cold, and the rejection they sometimes face must get wearisome.  I just don’t carry cash.  I’m one of those troublesome friends who sometimes can’t pay their fair share of the check because all they have is plastic.  (I always reimburse later.)  So I rarely have anything to drop in the kettle.  Sometimes I’ll remember to pick up a roll of quarters so the kids can have the pleasure.  This November, the Salvation Army released an app that let’s you give to the charity, as well as pass on the spirit of giving to your friends.

The Salvation Army app is a Christmas music streaming app, powered through the Apple iTunes’ affiliate nuTsie.  It streams Christmas music in eight different genres, including children’s, international, hymns, classical, instrumental, soul/jazz, brass, and oldies.  The app costs $2.99, with $1.00 of every purchase going to the charity.  Within the app, the listener can email a link to the iTunes purchase page so that friends can also carry around some great holiday tunes and help a worthy organization.

The app is compatible with the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad running iOS 3.0 or later.  A 3G or wifi connection is necessary.

Now I have some great music to listen to while I sort through my change jar for quarters.

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