Viber to Be a Better Skype: To Include Cross-Platform Calls

A new company called Viber has entered the free VOIP market. Like Skype and other networks, Viber allows users to make free calls to other participating phones on the network.  It is touting some advantages over Skype:

  • To be available on multiple platforms, including Android
  • Supports bluetooth headsets and in the future, text messaging
  • The ability to receive calls when the application is completely closed through push notifications
  • Less battery drain, as it doesn’t have to stay open all the time

The app is free, ad free, and doesn’t require logging into a network.  The user can call directly from their contacts, as Viber participants are designated by a small logo.  Calls made to non-Viber contacts are routed through the usual carrier.  Users can invite friends to join the Viber network from within their contacts.

On iTunes, they say the app is compatible with the iPod Touch and iPad, running iOS 3.0 or later, but really, it’s only for the iPhone right now, with support for the other devices coming soon.

Check out the video here, to see how it works.








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