GraviBoard Submitted to Cydia

Update: It’s available!

Ever since Apple started integrating accelerometers into their products, intrepid developers and hackers have exploited them for nefarious purposes. Undoubtedly, the most enjoyable features of an accelerometer is to simulate gravity on the desktop, and make menubars, windows, and other on-screen items flop around.

GraviBoard, which will be available in Cydia shortly, forces your (or an unsuspecting friend’s) iOS device to obey the Laws of Motion, causing app icons to fall and pile on top of each other. It will cost a steep $2.99, but really, can you put a price on a good prank?

If you want to have some free fun with the accelerometer, check out Is This an Earthquake? which works on newer MacBooks and iOS devices running 4.0+ apparently nothing else.

[Conradev] [YouTube]

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