Netflix to Pay Up to $100k Per New TV Episode

Netflix, long recognized for its outstanding customer service, is looking to best the competition by offering networks $100,000 per individual episode of popular television shows. At the moment, Netflix’s selection of TV shows is decent, but could be much, much better.

An ongoing war rages between services and networks for the rights to popular shows, and rivals like Hulu are constantly upping the ante by offering exclusive streaming content (however, Netflix and its commercial-free business model seem to be much preferred by customers). Hulu seems to be locking down its service more and more tightly by disabling streaming on many devices, while Netflix, on the other hand, is creating apps for nearly every available platform.

Netflix recently started offering a $7.99 streaming only plan, and if Netflix is able to snag popular primetime shows shortly after they air, this new plan may be a deal too good to pass up.

[NY Post]

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