Sketchbook Pro for iPad On Sale for 99 Cents

I’m not an artist, but sometimes I do get inspired to try my hand at sketching out a doodle, and of course, the iPad lends itself to this task perfectly. I have been disappointed with some of the less expensive or free apps out there, as most are geared towards kids and offer few goodies like different brushes, color choice beyond the primary colors found in a Crayon box, or layers. Most quality art apps have these features, but for a layman like myself, I’ve been reluctant to pay for a feature-laden app for the occasional stick figure, or admittedly lame landscape I can produce.

Sketchbook Pro has come to the rescue.  This incredible art app, complete with layers, 75 brushes, stamps, synthetic brush sensitivity, transparency, template library, color selction by HSB or RGB, eye-dropper color selection, and more, is now on sale for a mere 99 cents.  The app regularly costs $7.99.

I particularly like the patterened brushes that appear to be charcoal or pastels, as well as the stamps.  Although, the skeletal vertebrae stamp was a bit creepy, I could see how a Geiger fan, or anyone wanting to to add some skeletal bits to their project would appreciate it. 

Navigation is blessedly easy.  One finger for drawing, two fingers for pinching and zooming and a three finger tap to access the menus. 

I won’t bother posting any of my poor renditions, but if you want to see what real artists can do with this app, check out their Flickr gallery.

This iPad app is compatible with iOS 3.2 or later.

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