aTV Flash (black) Beta Now Available

The popular aTV Flash software suite is now available for the Apple TV 2. It contains a ton of features for users who spend too much just the right amount of time in front of their tubes, including a browser, client, RSS reader, and Plex client to view media streaming from a Plex server.

aTV Flash (black) is a user-friendly software package that supercharges your new black AppleTV, unleashing a plethora of new functionality. Don’t worry about the technical details – aTV Flash (black) is simple to use and safe for your AppleTV. Installation is a snap and doesn’t require any physical changes to the AppleTV.

At the moment, it is only compatible with jailbroken Apple TVs running iOS 4.0, but an update will be rolling out shortly with support for 4.1, as well as a Windows installer. During the beta phase, the program will be $19.95 (price will raise to $29.95 for the official release).

More features will be made available soon, including support for additional file formats, streaming media from a NAS, and “much, much more”.

[Fire Core]

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