AT&T Offers Refurbed iPhone 3GS for $19

Anyone wanting to get their hands on their first iPhone, or add another to their plan - cheaply – are now in luck.  In time for the holiday season, AT&T is now offering the iPhone 3Gs 8GB (with a ding or scratch) for as little as $19.  Add on the two year contract and data plan, and the monthly package will set you back $55 per month.

Other phone deals include:

  • Refurbished iPhone 4 16GB Model for $149.00
  • Refurbished iPhone 4 16GB with Cosmetic Blemishes for $129
  • New iPhone 3GS 8GB Model for $99.00
  • Refurbished iPhone 3GS 8GB Model for $49.00
  • Refurbished iPhone 3GS 16GB Model Cosmetic Blemishes for $49.00
  • Refurbished iPhone 3GS 8GB Model Cosmetic Blemishes for $19.00

Of course, some of these are currently out of stock on the online store, but keep checking back and you might get a real deal.  If you need another phone for someone in your family, this could make a rocking surprise for the holidays.

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