Books A Million Releases E-Reader App: Pricey ePub Downloads

Books A Million has joined the electronic book seller fray and released its own eReader app, with little or no fanfare - and deservedly so.  The free app boasts the ability to read ePub format ebooks, and Adobe e-books with DRM protection (as long as they were purchased with the same Adobe ID).  However, a not-quick-enough comparison with Amazon’s Kindle app did not yield favorable results.

The BAM app is slow, froze often and crashed as well.  It was exceedingly frustrating to navigate.  The reading experience was nothing to write home about.  Edgar Allen Poe’s Tell Tale Heart, and F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Curious Case of Benjamin Button were included.  The standard options of bookmarks, search and font size are available, as well as the ability to change the page turn animation (flip, slide, fade, cut).  The reader may also choose night mode (white text on black background), or choose any color combinations for the font and background.  While these bells and whistles are not available for the Kindle or iBooks apps, they don’t make up for the clunkiness or unreliable stability of the BAM reader

A select comparison of books also revealed a significant disparity between the Kindle and the BAM apps: price of publications.  Former President Bush’s book Decision Points could be purchased for the Kindle for $9.99, compared to a whopping $15.49 for the BAM version.  The title was not available through iBooks.

I usually enjoy reading books on my iPad and have several readers including Stanza, Nook, and the others mentioned above.  The BAM reader is available for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, running iOS 3.0 or later.  If you have several ePub books and need a good reader – look elsewhere.  I can’t delete it fast enough.

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