Project Magazine Makes its Debut

Richard Branson, undoubtedly the world’s most bad-ass billionaire, has just released his iPad-only magazine, Project. This magazine is similar to many of the App Store’s current offerings, but a major selling point of Project is the constantly updating content. The viewer app itself is free, and for $2.99 (a price comparable to most dead-tree magazines), you get a month’s worth of fresh content.

NEW! A revolutionary multimedia magazine built specially for your iPad – packed with international culture, entertainment, design, business and travel. And nuclear weapons. Oh, and Jeff Bridges.

Published by Virgin, Project features videos, galleries, music and daily updated content. And a moronic canoeist.

Earlier this month, NewsCorp CEO Rupert Murdoch announced that they would be creating an iPad-only publication, The Daily, as a testbed for future tablet-based media consumption. Rumor has it that Apple will even be pushing out a point-three software update with this new subscription service at the helm. Compared to Project, The Daily will most likely appeal more towards suit-and-tie readers.

Having to download a massive application every month (Ahem, WIRED) to get new content seems a bit… prehistoric. Project, and The Daily are taking the leap to differentiate the delivery means of physical and electronic media. It is more cost effective for print magazines to ship new issues every month rather than daily or weekly, but obviously digital magazines don’t suffer from this snail-mail syndrome. Constantly updating content should make reading magazines on the iPad much more interesting, and provide a legitimate benefit over their print counterparts.


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