Fake Operator Beta Released

GreySyntax has just released a beta version of Fake Operator for eager users to test out. It’s advised to wait for an official release due to bugs (and ease of installation), but this version should work decently for most users. This tweak allows you to change the carrier name on the status bar, just like “MakeItMine” from the early 1.x days.

via @GreySyntax

First public beta of Fake Operator, required firmware 3.0+.http://c.nspwn.com/3Q9V issues: greysyntax <at> gmail <dot> com or @DarkMalloc

To install download place the deb on your device then “dpkg -i com.nspwn.fakeoperator_1.0.0-1_iphoneos-arm.deb; killall -HUP SpringBoard”

If you have any errors or crashes, check out GreySyntax’s Twitter feed for possible solutions, or email him at the address provided above.

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