Review + Giveaway: Speck Fitted

Double review, double giveaway. That’s right, all the way: we have already reviewed the Speck CandyShell, and now it’s the Speck Fitted‘s turn. My review unit is the rather unique MisKerChief Red for the iPod touch G4.

And, once again, we’ll have a giveaway going on in the comments–details below–so be sure to get in on that!

Look and Feel

The case is easy to put on to your device, as the two parts just snap together around the device. There is a slight ‘lip’ on the front, so you don’t have to worry about the screen scratching when you lay the device down flat. From the front, the Fitted looks like a fairly generic, discreet case. Turning the iPod around, though, reveals something a little more interesting: the back has fabric with a pattern printed on it (there are many different patterns to choose from).

Focusing on the back (which is definitely the selling point of the case), the fabric has an interesting feel to it. It’s rough, so it adds to the ‘grip-ability’ of the case. Since the case adds very little depth to the already-skinny iPod touch G4, that’s a very pleasing design quality. As for the look of the fabric-wrapped back: uncommon, but in a good way. The very design imprinted on the fabric says as much.

Since this case doesn’t cover the volume rocker or sleep/power button, they remain as tactile as they ever were. The case leaves the bottom open for your headphones and the 30 pin dock connector.

The biggest downside to this case that I have seen in a week of use is that it just isn’t solid. Don’t get me wrong: you wouldn’t be able to tell unless you are specifically looking for it, but where the two parts of the case connect there is some give when you push on it. So, not a huge deal, and you probably wouldn’t find out about it unless you start looking, but it is there (at least on my review unit).


Let’s be clear: the Fitted is no CandyShell in terms of protection. But it isn’t supposed to be: where the CandyShell got brownie points for offering an incredible amount of protection in relation to just how little heft it added, the Fitted takes the cake for remaining thin, and adding a look all its own.

The Fitted is made out of plastic, but seems to have that soft-touch material as well (anyone who has touched any recent HTC smartphones knows what it is; for those who haven’t, it’s a good thing). I will confess that I have dropped my iPod since I put this case on, and I am happy to report that it still works. So yes, this case protects pretty well from scratches and even light falls, although I’d say that it wouldn’t hold up very well against higher falls where you would need some more impact-absorbing materials than plastic.

If you are in the market for something that offers some serious protection, I have to take a pass on recommending this one to you. Instead, look at something like Speck’s CandyShell, or the OtterBox Defender. For general use, though, this will offer similar protection as the Griffin Outfit Gloss.

Final Thoughts

I’ll wrap this up pretty quick: the Fitted is a nice case if your priority is looks. For $29.95, it is just a tad expensive, though I’ve yet to see any really nice cases much cheaper. If your priority is protection, then refer to my advice above; you’ll probably save yourself some remorse.

The Speck Fitted for the iPod touch G4 is available in a plethora of designs here for $29.95 each.


That’s right, we’re doing it again: another giveaway of three Speck Fitted cases for any current iDevice (iPod touch G4, iPad, or iPhone 4). All you have to do is enter, stating why you want one, and you will be automatically be entered in. The winners will be decided via a random drawing, and will have three days to claim their prize (seriously people, check back!). All entries must follow the rules below, or their entry will not count!


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