Next-Gen iPad to Have Five Major New Features

According to Economy Daily News, the next generation iPad, due out early 2011, will have five major new features: a camera (presumably front-facing), USB port, 3-axis gyroscope, a new display technology—which could possibly be a retina display, smart-bezel, or something completely different, and the entire unit should be lighter and thinner.

There are also rumors that a 7″ model will be introduced, but judging by Jobs’ previous comments, this is unlikely. A smart-bezel would be a radical change, and unique to the iPad. It seems that this would be a risky move for Apple, since such a feature has never been tested in the field with a major consumer tablet. The camera and gyroscope aren’t surprising, since every other latest-gen iDevice has them, but the addition of a USB port would be very un-Apple, since they like to have control over 3rd party accessories. Here’s to hoping that Apple standardizes their connector, many users would love to reduce the number of cords they have to keep track of.

What features would you like to see on the iPad 2? Let us know in the comments!


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