U.S. Apple Store Posts Black Friday Event Details

That Black Friday event that Apple warned us about has come to fruition, and the shopping event has been detailed.

As the screenshot shows, there’s some welcome discounts on some of Apple’s more expensive products, including a $101 saving of the new (and very popular) 13 inch Macbook Air. Also getting the $101 dollar treatment is the iMac, and the Macbook Pro.

On the iDevice side of things, look to save $41 dollars on an iPad, and $21 on the new iPod touch (you can also save $11 dollars on the new iPod Nano).

There is also accessories that are getting a temporary price cut. For example, look to get iPad Wireless Keyboard Dock for $58 dollars tomorrow, a saving of $11.

So, do these temporary reductions in price make anyone want to run out and buy an iPad or iPod touch G4? Personally, at this point I’m not sure, and it seems more like Apple is trying to push the higher-priced items, like the Macbook Air and iMac. Also, will brick and mortar stores, such as Best Buy, be able to beat these prices? And what about Amazon.com, will they too lower their prices in order to compete tomorrow? I guess we will see soon enough, so stay tuned right here for the Black Friday coverage!


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