Switch, a Multi-User Web Browser

For many people, the iPad is more of a communal device than a personal one. After a quick web browsing session, you may leave it on the coffee table for another member of your family to use, but when you come back to pick up where you left off, you may find all your tabs closed, accounts logged off, and bookmarks changed. For a multi-user gadget, Apple hasn’t really supplied the necessary multi-user safeguards.

Switch, a new web browser available in the App Store for $4.99, aims to remedy this by allowing users to create individual password-protected accounts, keeping the browsing habits for each user safe. Having to sign on and off every account you own each time you use your iPad is very tedious—but necessary, if you want to maintain security. Switch allows you to keep all your information safe with a single master password (just like user accounts on a desktop operating system). Your tabs, bookmarks, history and cookies are all isolated to your individual account, keeping them safe from prying eyes.

It uses Safari at its core, so browsing shouldn’t stray too far from the iPad’s native browser, and the interface looks polished and clean. If you aren’t the only person using your iPad, definitely consider using Switch—your privacy will thank you.


  • Share an iPad between the family without getting in each other’s way
  • Use a single password to protect your email, facebook and other websites
  • Keep your own tabs and bookmarks for faster browsing
  • Search your history by typing in the location bar
  • Let friends use your iPad without giving them access to your online accounts
  • Switch between website logins easily without retyping your password
  • Use the guest account for extra privacy when surfing – your history is erased when you close Switch or lock the screen
  • Ever get nervous leaving iPad around with your email account logged in? With Switch, everything is protected by one password, automatically enabled when the screen is locked
  • Smooth animations and a simple, beautiful interface make Switch a joy to use

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