Most Wanted iOS 5 Features?

We may still have at least one iDevice in need of a hardware refresh before we see the software side of things jump a number, but the question is still valid: What do you wish to see in iOS 5?

The question is a bit more difficult than in years past. After all, there really no glaring omissions in iOS, what with multitasking being available to all iDevices now. Personally, my biggest complaint about the OS as it currently is is with the notifications. I hate them. So, my seething rage for Apple’s poor excuse of a notification system aside, what else is missing? I’ve compared my iPod touch 4 to my Droid Incredible (which runs Android; an OS that is often compared to iOS) and have come back with a pretty simple answer: not much. The two operating systems are very much in feature parity now, which is more and more obvious as relatively silly and meaningless specs now differentiate the top-tier of smartphones.

However, there is one interesting request brought up by TiPb: Yes, they want a built-in file browser, similar to iFile (available in the jailbreak scene). If you’re wondering, yes, this is something that I would love to see. I think a perfect usage case exists right on the iPad for this type of app, and right in our forums: Say you’ve encountered a strange new pop-up notifications (which, with any luck, will be eradicated from iOS 5 entirely). So, you do the logical thing: you try to upload it to our forums. But, uh-oh! there is no file manager, and you can’t upload the file because you can’t browse and select the file.

Your alternative? Upload the screenshot to a Twitter image service (TwitPic, for example), grab the link, and add it into a post. Poster child of simplicity? I think not.

So humans. What else do you see yourself wanting on your iDevice in the next year or so? Widgets at long last? Or something nobody saw coming? Sound off in the comments!

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