Enterprises Can Launch Own App Stores with EASE

Earlier this month, Apperian, Inc. announced their cloud-based app deployment and management service. Their Enterprise App Service Environment (EASE) allows companies that have developed their own in-house apps to build, secure and manage their apps from one comprehensive platform.

This allows companies to roll out apps, updates, training videos, schedules, directories etc., all from one location.  Reporting tools can detect how often an app is downloaded and used, as well as notifying employees of updates, or preventing the use of old versions of apps.  Apps can also be disabled from use by terminated employees.

Basically, any company (since the company size restriction was recently lifted) can have their own App Store.  The apps don’t appear in iTunes, but apps from both Apple’s app store and the private app store can exist on the same device.

For users, they are offered the benefits of installing apps with a single click, finding apps easily and quickly, having instant access to company manuals, white papers, and videos, connecting remotely in-app to IT support and receiving automated updates and push notifications.

EASE accounts are free, with a fee charged per mobile device.  EASE works with the iPhone and iPad and an Android-based version will be available in the first quarter of 2011.

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