Ragdoll Blaster: simple yet addictive

Looking for a new and very addictive game? Check out the game Ragdoll Blaster. Don’t let the name fool you. This game, rated an average of 4.5 stars in the AppStore and based on simple, realistic physics, is very challenging and will have you playing for a while. The purpose of this game is to tap the screen at an angle to launch a ragdoll from a canon towards the denoted target. While this may sound easy, there are many obstacles and moving targets at hand.

Players have the option of choosing the level of play. This is a very useful feature if you like to jump around and do not necessarily want to play in default order. This feature also makes it so that levels are not definitively in order of increasing difficulty, but varied as the player advances.

To shoot the cannon, tap anywhere on the screen and a ragdoll will be fired. This game also keeps track of the last shot made so that if you want to adjust the angle that the cannon fires, there is a noted point of reference.

Scoring is based on the number of ragdolls it takes you to hit the target. At any point in play, you are allowed to reset that level back to 0 ragdolls. I think this feature is decent because it allows incentive for players to keep playing, knowing at any time they can better their score.

Graphics & Presentation

  • Very simple graph paper background with figures that look appropriately hand drawn
  • Design is very presentable and easy on the eyes
  • Ragdolls are in blue and the targets are always in red so that players know what they are aiming for
  • Obstacles are in black/gray

The verdict:The graphics for Ragdoll Blaster are very simple, yet appropriate for the simplistic concept of this game.



  • A version of “The Nutcracker Ballet” by Tchaikovsky is played by lower brass instruments/bells
  • Repeated throughout
  • Real cannon sounds when the screen is tapped (cannon is fired)
  • Option to turn the audio on/off
  • No volume control supported within the game

The verdict: The background song choice in my opinion is not very suitable for this game. I do like the added cannon sounds when playing; these; however, get rather annoying after a few levels of play.



  • Simple tap to play control
  • Visible Menu/Reset Buttons
  • Very easy for anyone to use and figure out
  • Tutorial at the start of the first game

The verdict: Backflip Studios did an excellent job of creating Ragdoll Blaster to have A+ quality Gameplay and Controls.


Value For Money

  • Lite Version is FREE
  • Regular version is $1.99
  • Hours of Play PRICELESS

The verdict: Try it. Buy it. Simple as that.




Released- July 03, 2009
Seller- Backflip Studios
Version- 1.1 (iPhone OS 3.0 Tested)
Space- 4.0 MB
Requirements- iPod Touch or iPhone OS 2.2 or later
Cost- Lite Version/FREE; Regular Version/ $1.99
Website- www.backflipstudios.com

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