Playboy Interview with Steve Jobs, Circa 1985

Playboy has republished their 1985 interview with Steve Jobs, which was done shortly before he was canned from Apple. If you can handle yet another interview, definitely give this one a once-over. It’s interesting to read it from the perspective of the era, since most people in 1985 had never even used a computer, let alone know how one worked. Granted, user’s technical adeptness isn’t much different today, but Jobs makes the point that the beauty of computers is that you don’t have to know how one works in order to use it.

PLAYBOY: Obviously, you believe that computers are going to change our personal lives, but how would you persuade a skeptic? A holdout?

JOBS: A computer is the most incredible tool we’ve ever seen. It can be a writing tool, a communications center, a supercalculator, a planner, a filer and an artistic instrument all in one, just by being given new instructions, or software, to work from. There are no other tools that have the power and versatility of a computer. We have no idea how far it’s going to go. Right now, computers make our lives easier. They do work for us in fractions of a second that would take us hours. They increase the quality of life, some of that by simply automating drudgery and some of that by broadening our possibilities. As things progress, they’ll be doing more and more for us.

The full interview is quite lengthy, but incredibly interesting.

(Safe for work) [Playboy]

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