Origins of the Name “Apple”

In a short video interview from… somewhere (most likely a video-chat Q&A of some sort) Steve Wozniak talks about where the name “Apple” originated. As it turns out, Woz himself didn’t quite know where Jobso got the name from until a coincidental run-in during his appearance on Dancing With the Stars last year.

He worked at orchards in Oregon …I was on Dancing With the Stars and during the finale night, a doctor who had worked on a hamstring pull I had (a really bad one), told me that his brother had worked with Steve Jobs on that farm, and his brother had given Steve Jobs the name… But you know, in those days you didn’t have big money, there was no big money for an industry, there was no obvious idea that we were going to make big money, we didn’t have officers and companies whose role it was to come up with a company name, so anything that sounded interesting was valid when you’re very young and have nothing.

Check out the video for the unabridged version.

[Hacker News]

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