Review + Giveaway: CandyShell by Speck

Need a sweet case? The CandyShell by Speck might just be what you’re after. With a soft inside to absorb any shock your iDevice might receive and a hard outer shell to provide that firm protection, this case packs some pretty serious protection. But does that sacrifice the thin outline of the iDevice? What about added heft, and how does it fit in a pocket?

All those answers are after the read link, as well as something even sweeter: a giveaway of three Speck CandyShell cases for any iDevice!

Look and Feel

As a Speck product, the CandyShell is endowed with a fairly unique look; it sheds the tried and true style of just one color, be it glossy or matte, and goes for two colors that are, for lack of a better word, somewhat quirky and interesting. I’m not saying that it’s bad, but it is different. In addition to my review unit’s colors, you have ‘DarkLord Black,’ ‘MoonSicle White,’ ‘LoveHate Pink,’ ‘PixieStick Pink,’ ‘MoonRock Grey,’ ‘JokersWild Purple,’ ‘ChaCha Aqua,’ and finally ‘AquaBerry Blue.’

Moving on to the feel of the case, I can definitely say they’ve struck a high note here. Holding the device with the CandyShell in your hands does add some depth, but I have to say the end result is worth it: this thing feels extraordinarily sturdy. It feels solid, like all Apple products should. Some may complain a little about the extra depth, but I’ve found the G4 iPod touch to be just a bit too thin for my tastes. This case makes it very comparable (in size) to the third and second generation iPod touches, a product I believe we can all agree isn’t ‘thick’ by any stretch of the imagination.

One thing I do make sure to check on nearly all new cases I review is how it affects the buttons. As many of you know, the fourth-generation iPod touch’s volume and sleep/wake buttons aren’t the most tactile in the world, and are often awkward to mash down. For the first three-four days, this case made things much harder: both the sleep/wake and the volume rocker buttons were more difficult to press than before. Now, after a good week, I’m seeing some improvement. It’s very possible that the buttons on the case merely needed to be broke in to get rid of some of their rigidity.


Like I mentioned above, the CandyShell has two ‘layers’ in one case: a soft shell inside, as well as a harder outside covering. Also mentioned above, the case feels solid. Like, throw it through a window solid (read: rock solid). As far as coverage goes, it offers marginally better protection than something like the Griffin Outfit Gloss by covering more of the buttons, and slightly more of the 30 pin dock connector and the headphone jack.

My Apple In-Ear headphones were fine being plugged into the headphones jack with the case on, though some might have problems with uncommonly thick headphone connectors.  Because there is a small ‘lip’ on the front of the case, you don’t have to worry much about the screen cracking if the device falls screen-side up.

Though the Speck CandyShell doesn’t offer any fancy protection features like being waterproof, but it will hold up to the toils of a long day (as well as young children).

Final Thoughts

Though this particular case isn’t cheap, (it goes for $34.95 straight from Speck, $26.30 from Amazon at the time of this writing) it does pack the protection and looks. Being the first Speck accessory of any kind that I have ever touched, I can definitely say this will be at the top of my case recommendation list. With no glaring problems, I can pretty confidently say that this little guy will work for nearly everyone.

The Speck CandyShell is available from Speck for $34.95 in multiple colors (detailed above).


The nice folks over at Speck have agreed to do a giveaway in conjunction with this review. Three winners will be able to pick from a Speck CandyShell (their choice of color; we’ll do our best to make it work)  for the iPhone 4, iPod touch 4, or iPad. To enter, simply comment on this review stating why you want a Speck CandyShell for your iDevice, and follow the rules below!


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