Major Retailers Release iPad-Optimized Shopping Apps

At the risk of waxing nostalgic, I fondly remember the anticipation of the arrival of the Sears catalog in the mail.  The behemoth contained thousands of potential dreams-come-true in its glossy pages.  We kids would fight over the opportunity to circle our hearts’ desires among the myriad of sports equipment, bedroom ensembles, and of course, toys.  Within a few days, the pages would bear the scars of our ravenous cravings: dogeared, torn and replete with numerous gouges where our pens and pencils had ripped through the flimsy paper.

The cost of printing and shipping has driven the catalog to near extinction.

Browsing for merchandise on the iPad has revitalized the experience.  Read on for some favorite iPad apps.

Toys R Us, the national toy retailer, has released their Great Big Christmas Catalog as an iPad app.  The app previews hundreds of toys in eight categories.  Children can swipe through the pages, sans prices, marking their choices with personalized icons which are consolidated on their respective lists.  Parents can review their lists and pare down the potentially gluttonous selections. 

Other great shopping apps optimized for the iPad have been recently released by Target and Amazon (Windowshop).  Each have the options to browse, shop online, and create lists.  Bonus content includes daily deals, local store ads and Black Friday specials.  The Windowshop app is a refreshingly different experience from Amazon’s other apps, as it presents numerous products in an easy-to-browse grid format.

My children are fighting over the iPad as I write, eager to generate their wish lists.  Hopefully, the only signs of their enthusiasm will be smears and fingerprints.

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