Thanksgiving Apps for Kids Bring Facts and Fun to the Holiday

Like many, our family Thanksgiving traditions involve watching the Thanksgiving Day parade in our pajamas as the delicious smells of roasting tukey and baking pies fill the house.  But we all get bored with the pun-filled inane commentary by the parade hosts, the “special appearances” by stars of various television shows we’ll never watch, and the poorly lip-synced numbers from Broadway musicals we’ll never see.  When it comes time to wrangle the crowd around the table after being induced into a feeding frenzy from festive fumes eminating from the kitchen, you may need to buy some time while awaiting the presentation of the feast.  Here are a few free apps to keep the kiddies entertained and bring a little humor and insight into the holiday…

Thanksgiving Match is brought to you by Jirbo, Inc., a company with numerous quality releases for kids.  It is a standard matching game, embellished with autumn leaves, emblematic Thanksgiving artwork and turkey gobble sound effects.  Players race against the clock to post high scores.  It’s great for keeping little fingers out of the mashed potatoes while waiting for the turkey to be carved.

Compatibility: iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad running iOS 2.0 or later.          Rating: 3 1/2 stars in iTunes.         Cost: Free


Thanksgiving Jokes is an app elementary school kids will enjoy.  Filled with time-honored riddles (If April showers bring May flowers, what do May flowers bring?) and other jokes that will elicit grins from the adults and howls of laughter from the younger set, the simple flash card interface is easy to read and easy to use.

Compatibility: iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad running iOS 3.0 or later.          Rating: 2 1/2 stars in iTunes.         Cost: Free


Thanksgiving Facts offers facts and figures about the holiday, turkeys, turkey consumption and the like.  Pre-teens and older kids will enjoy odd tidbits (like the definitions of the wattle and caruncle).  iPad owners may want to pass on this app, as the only way to refresh the facts is by shaking the iDevice.  I know the iPad and its heavy duty case can take the abuse, but it could be distastrous to shake the hefty combination around a crowded dinner table.

 Compatibility: iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad running iOS 3.0 or later.             Rating: 3 stars in iTunes.            Cost: Free

Apps to instill gratitude were unavailable at press time.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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