Verizon iPhone When “Apple Thinks It’s Time”

The Wall Street Journal recently interviewed the CEO of Verizon, Ivan Seidenberg, to discuss Big Red’s future pricing structure and the possibility of receiving the iPhone. There have been many, many rumors surrounding this topic, and his latest comments neither confirm nor deny our suspicions. But, they do make it clear that Apple is very interested in offering the iPhone on a 4G network—like Verizon’s LTE.

Mr. Seidenberg said his embrace of LTE has drawn the interest of Apple Inc., and helped Verizon get the iPad. But he didn’t comment on when Verizon might get the iPhone. “If the iPhone comes to us, it’s because Apple thinks it’s time,” he said. “Our interests are beginning to come together more but they have to take steps to align their technology with ours.”

Apple seems to be aware of the strain that the iPhone is putting on AT&T’s network, and in order for the iPhone to be “perfect” (as Jobs would prefer it), dropped calls and poor reception needs to be minimized. The obvious solution would be to offer it on additional networks to distribute the load of bandwidth-hungry users.

Despite Seidenberg’s selective choice of words, users should still expect a Verizon iPhone (perhaps even a 4G enabled one) to make its debut in the upcoming months.


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