Facebook Message Services: It’s Not E-mail

At a press event today in San Francisco, Facebook launched its new messaging services.  According to Mark Zuckerberg, the chief executive of Facebook, approximately 350 million users of the social networking site have generated four billion messages, and counting.

The new Facebook messaging system incorporates integrated messaging which allows for the most efficient means of message delivery available, whether it be SMS texting, e-mail or instant messaging.  The new system will consolidate the mediums to provide the users with a complete conversation history.  The three social inbox folders will be prioritized for friends’ messages, information such as bills or random messages, and spam

Read on for more features.


Other features include:

  • Personal e-mail addresses (@facebook.com)
  • The ability to archive or permanently delete conversations
  • The option to send to multiple recipients
  • Multiple attachments of pictures, video or documents
  • Better spam management in the form of a spam folder

The amount of cloud storage for messages, attachments, and similar information was not disclosed.


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