‘Better Late Than Never’ Facebook App Update

Facebook’s biggest challenge to date has been to manage data-mining its behemoth database of personal data to turn a free service into a profit without going so far that it causes offense and implodes the user base.  Initial attempts were problematic and user-unfriendly but fortunately the financial rewards from social network gaming and in-game sales took sufficient pressure off the bottom line that they could afford to be more calculated, careful and less underhand in their manipulation of user data.

So it’s good to see that at long last our trusty Facebook iPhone & iPad apps have been updated to include general and privacy settings, even if these features aren’t ‘in-app’ and just a browser redirect to your facebook settings page… another very slow and small step in the right direction.

What’s New in Version 3.3.2

- Access account settings, privacy settings and Help Center
- Fixed a bug that prevented users from uploading photos to specific albums

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