Bump Now Shares Music Between Users

iPhone Screenshot 1

Bump, the popular photo and contact sharing app that works by a simple bump (hence the name), is now sharing music between ‘bumpers.’

Due to Apple’s restrictions, though, it isn’t exactly what you would imagine: Instead of actually sending an iTunes music file, the other person’s iDevice will show a link to the song on YouTube, and another link to purchase it via iTunes. Perhaps it isn’t the ideal solution to the problem, but hey: it works.

So, what exactly does Bump support? Well:

  • Photos
  • Address Book info
  • Become instant Facebook friends
  • Follow each other on Twitter
  • Transfer money via PayPal

and, of course:

  • Music sharing

Take all of those features, and then realize that Bump is available on multiple platforms. What do you get? A service that should be built in to all modern smartphone operating systems to allow for easy transfer of information and contacts.

You can pick Bump up on the App Store for the very attractive price of free.

[iTunes App Store]

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