Same Old Song and Dance: iOS 4.2 Pushed to November 24?

Sources ‘close to Apple’ (when aren’t they close to Apple?) are telling The Telegraph that iOS 4.2, the update that will bring feature parity across Apple’s line of iDevices, has been pushed back to November 24.

The update was supposedly set for release today, but was called off at the last moment due to a fairly major issue that some iPad users were experiencing. In order to resolve this issue, Apple released a second GM build today. Following Apple’s previous action, this means that there is at least a week of wait while developers insure their apps’ compatibility with the updated build..

Of course, we have no way of actually knowing when this update is going to hit the airwaves, as Apple continues to decline comment, instead giving the now-common response of “Coming November.” News at 11.

[The Telegraph]

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