Apple Debuts Commercial for “Verizitin”

This week Verizon Wireless debuted the commercial for it’s iPad Mifi bundle. The 30-second spot has a decidedly Apple spin. It opens with an actor wearing Justin Long hand-me-downs sitting in a whited out generic room. The stark contrast is reminiscent of the Apple ads showing the iDevices against plain white or black backgrounds. Another similarity to the Apple ads is a catchy musical tune and the trend towards letting the products speak for themselves. After the actor has turned on his hotspot and started surfing on his iPad, the room breaks up and floats away in pieces, transporting the actor to a clifftop with an ocean view. (Anyone else reminded of a Claritin commercial?) A full 21 seconds into the 30 second ad, the announcer pipes up,”Introducing iPad – on Verizon. All the magic of iPad. All the power of and reliability of Verizon.” The screen is then filled with an RKO-like logo chalkboard animation against a red screen with the words “Rule the Air” in a banner around a globe. The final image is the Verizon Wireless logo. 

The official You Tube video has had over 130,000 hits.  More details on the Verizon package after the break…

The iPad 16GB with Wifi/Mifi 2200 hotspot bundle is $629.99.  Monthly data plans start at $20 for 1GB.  The 3GB monthly plan costs $35/month.  For $50/month, users can get 5GB and $80/month buys 10GB.  [This really seems overpriced considering VirginMobileUSA - which piggybacks on the Sprint network - offers the Mifi 2200 with monthly unlimited internet plans for $40 with no contract or activation fees.  The Mifi unit is $149 (currently sold out).]  Unlike the iPhone on AT&T, Verizon does offer wireless product protection for $4.49. per month.

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