Steve Chats Up Developer Over Rejected App

After having his application, “Economy for iPad”, rejected by Apple for using a private API as a workaround for a bug, Ram Arumugam emailed Steve Jobs to complain. Just 2 hours later, his iPhone rang, with Apple’s head-honcho on the line. “Ram, this is Steve.

“Steve himself I would say is a very conscientious guy, and a very hands-on executor,” he said. “Very few people CEOs would take the trouble of reading e-mails and actually calling a developer.”

Arumugam discussed the application with Jobs, removed the offending API, and resubmitted the app. It was quickly accepted into the App Store, and is now the #1 application in the finance category.

Personally contacting developers is a win-win situation for Apple: It gives the developer much-wanted attention and increased sales, and creates a good public image for Steve. Other CEOs should take a page out of his book.

[Seattle Times]

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