ZTE Peel Officially Headed to Sprint November 14

iPod touch 2G and 3G (ab)users on Sprint, listen up: starting November 14, you’ll be able to purchase a ZTE Peel that works with Sprint’s 3G service.

This is great news for all of you looking to bridge the gap between your iPod touch and that shiny new iPhone 4. Sadly, this is only 3G, and doesn’t take advantage of Sprint’s nifty new ’4G’ WiMax service.

Pricing will be $79.99 outright, with a $29.99 monthly price for data. Not too terrible, compared to an iPhone plan on AT&T, eh? Except, of course, for the lack of SMS and calling, not to mention no Facetime, what with the lack of a front facing camera and all.

Either way, hit up the comments for the full press release from Sprint.

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