OpeniBoot Caught Running on the iPad

This isn’t incredibly interesting (yet), but Hexxeh, the man behind the popular ‘Flow‘ build of Chrome OS, has managed to run OpeniBoot on the iPad.

via @Hexxeh

RT @nickpack: @Bluerise & @Hexxeh have managed to get OpeniBoot running on iPad! (Not a full port before you ask, but progress nevertheless)

pics or it didn’t happen? Oh, okay then.¬†

With a bit of work, it will be possible to get Android running on the iPad. The developers behind the iDroid project have made a huge amount of progress recently, and now users can complete the entire installation process on supported devices without a computer.

If you’re having Galaxy Tab envy, (though, you probably shouldn’t), just be patient, a working port of Android for your beloved iPad is right around the corner.

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