Smule Releases Magic Fiddle

Music-minded iPad users have a new instrument to add to their arsenal. Smule, the makers of Ocarina and Magic Piano, released today their virtual violin iPad app Magic Fiddle ($2.99 in iTunes). The Smule website encourages you to “learn easily, play beautifully, compete and win, share globally.” In conjunction with the release, Smule has posted two videos demonstrating the potential virtuosity players can hope to achieve.

I gave the Magic Fiddle a test run. Upon startup I had to register my app and was taken through a tutorial on how to place my fingers, tuck the iPad under my chin and maneuver the bow control dial. I found the experience awkward but it was due to my iPad’s being enclosed in the monster Otterbox Defender case more than the game’s design itself.  The tutorial stressess good wrist position and posture, encouraging the player to stand if possible. So far I’ve attempted “Mary Had a Little Lamb” and “Silent Night.”  The app responded by suggesting it “had heard worse.”   Since the Magic Fiddle only has three not four strings, it can’t be considered a violin replacement, but the musicians in the videos make compelling cases for the future of virtual instrumentation. Videos after the jump:

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