Minecraft on iOS?

For those who’ve had their heads buried in the sand for the last few months, Minecraft is the hit game of 2010; a low-rez, free-roaming java build by indie developer notch and his now growing Mojang Specifications development house. It’s an incredibly addictive and life consuming open-ended, free roaming, building, mining and crafting, survival zombie fest.  That is all.  If that hasn’t whet your appetite then you’re either very, very old or possibly dead.  If still need more convincing then just check this out.

And now there’s talk of a Minecraft iPhone app… More after the jump.

As with all great things there’s always someone waiting in the wing to try and cash in. Another developer, independent of notch and Mojang, has posted up a site as prelude to his incoming iPhone minecraft’-esque’ game: there’s not much detail and the screenshot is cut-n-pasted straight from notch’s original minecraft, which suggests that there isn’t much progress to date and possibly none at all given that this noob dev has to create his own textures and build the app from scratch.  Notch is supportive of his endeavor, as he is of the overall minecraft modding and hacking scene, but has stated that he is not involved with mainecraftapp.net.

In fact, as notch is seeing cash rolling in from pre-release alpha sales and he builds up his development house, I would think it more probable that he will eventually build a port for the iphone, which may even come before this independent project gets off the ground.

As long as something lands on my iDevice to satiate my need to dig and build I’ll be a happy man.

While other minecraft addicts fans with iDevices wait for some handheld, touch screen minecraft goodness, they may want to check out some of the minecraft related apps that have landed on the App Store. While it’s only a handheld replacement for the minecraft wiki with a few assorted game help gadgets, the free and ad-supported version of minecraft canary looks to be the most useful of these and worthy of a plug.  Or you could just kill more time in-game building a scale replica of the earth or crafting a real life minecraft set using these papercraft minecraft paper mining crafting type things

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